Belmont, Massachusetts
Kendall Photos - April 1999


kendall2.jpg Saturday, April 10th (10 am)
The morning after the fire
kendall_041199-6.jpg Sunday, April 11th (1 pm)
Demolition begins
kendall_041199-8.jpg Sunday, April 11th (6 pm)
Crane knocks down top floor
kendall_041299-12.jpg Monday, April 12th (12 noon)
Insides removed
kendall_041299-17.jpg Monday, April 12th (5 pm)
Artist salvages work
kendall_041399-5.jpg Tuesday, April 13th (7 am)
Start of the shift
kendall_041399-9.jpg Tuesday, April 13th (5 pm)
Art destroyed beyond repair
kendall_041499-7.jpg Wednesday, April 14th (7 am)
Crane operating oiling equipment
kendall_041499-12.jpg Wednesday, April 14th (noon)
Moving art and supplies that were saved
kendall_041599-2.jpg Thursday, April 15th (7 am)
End of top floor (on left) taken off